Our Rustic Family History

First bar Our Rustic Family SOLD...2 years ago

Hello And Welcome to Our Rustic Family...Here is a picture of Our Very  First Bar we sold to a couple for there wedding over two years ago...But this is how our journey started...I wanted to purchase a Bar for my man cave and didn't have a big Budget for my bar...So I told my Wife (Theresa)That I was going to build myself a Bar 🔨🔨🔨Of coarse Theresa Laughed and My son (Brook Jr) laughed as well...So the next day Off to Home Depot I went to gathered all my supplies I needed for my Custom Rustic Bar build🔨🔨🔨When I was completed my Wife and Son was very excited to see my work🔨🔨🔨My Wife said Hey we can SELL these🔨🔨🔨This a great idea...So now I was laughing  saying ok she got jokes...But off I went to build another more simple like I seen on etsy or 1001 pallet its a Green  idea and gives reclaimed wood a second life...But thats the story  behind Our Rustic Family...Our Family is dedicated to working hard to build your custom rustic bars for you and your family to enjoy so CHEERS🍷

The Pround Owners of ORF...

Brook Brent Sr.Builder

Theresa Brent Q.C

Brook Brent Jr. Co - Builder

Special Thanks To

Alexus Gibson/Brent P/T Helper

Johnny Green P/T Builder

My First Bar ORF...
Creado por Brook Brent